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Super Car Blondie Checks Out One Off Mercedes Maybach OFF-Roader ,Check Out All The Details

By Shriyansh Garg

Super Car Blondie keeps on checking out exquisite cars that have been incepted far away from the normal rules of design as well as production, But this time the car she checked out was one step ahead of quite a lot of others she has seen in the past. This time around the Youtuber went all out to Monaco to check out the Virgil Abloh version of the Mercedes Maybach, Virgil Abloh was one of the most Profound designer that left for the humble abode above a little to early, Before leaving he was working on this concept with Mercedes and Mercedes has finally launched the fruit of their collaboration.


 The car is unlike anything you would ever have seen or inspired about ever , the main idea behind it is to give the car off-Roading credentials while keeping the Maybach like comfort in hand. The car has a roll cage on its roof and the bonnet stretches long way ahead the cabin which forms sort of a clam shell around the drivers. The glass used forms a silhouette along the roof as well as allover the hood of the car under which lies solar panels to charge up the car, No info was shared by the YouTuber regarding whether the car was a EV or a conventional vehicle. The glass used is one off as it curves un-realistically to form the part of doors as well as the roof .

The interior of the car has been designed in the most eccentric manner possible, the seats resemble military grade suitcases and drop down to form a longer which has lights in the head compartment. While the Indian Market is pretty particular and possessive about their screen sizes in the cars interior the screen in the concept triumphs over all. It would be false to call it juts a screen its a full on TV which swivels to reveal the dashboard as well.


Apart from the concept Mercedes has also done a Virgil Abloh version of the normal Maybach which has certain design cues from the concept as well , including similar color scheme as well as  a more minimalistic interior and changes to the software interface of the car. Mercedes plans to only make about a 150 of these to keep the exclusivity of the vehicle in check.


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