Super Car Blondie Checks Out Production Ready Devel 16


Super car Blondie is know for driving around in eccentric vehicles so this time around her choice of vehicle became the all new production ready Devel 16. The car was actually revealed earlier on in its concept form and media around the world flagged it as a poser and not a real deal, well the devil manufacturing has brought the car to real life and Super car Blondie got to drive the first ever production ready iteration of it.

The car is actually powered by a v16 engine which sits somewhere shrouded in amongst the fiber panels revealed after opening the rear facing engine bay. The Super car Blondie drove was  V8 any how, the other production variants would be powered by a full on v16. The manufacturer had provided the car with big exhaust tips which can shoot flames , the manufacturer has actually devised a full on vortex in the exhaust system which allow it to shoot flames.

The Devel 16 is actually powered by an American engine than its assembled completely in Italy and primarily sold through Arab Emirates. The cars interior is actually completely ripped off from an Corvette , the car weights 2,300 kg and has massive proportions. The car being derived with track focused functionality it sits low to the ground.

The car can actually reach a top speed of about 300kmph at the time of testing the vehicle super car Blondie also stated that the manufacturer is fine tuning its engine and very soon the car would be able to touch the 400kmph mark. At first Super car Blondie drove the car in 2018 when it was in a developmental stage now she got to drove he car in a full on production mode. The Manufacturer is also planning to bring in a V16 version of the car which would produce about 3000Hp

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