Super Car Blondie Checks Out ROBOSAURAS, Automatic Car Munching Behemoth

Super Car Blondie Checks Out ROBOSAURAS

Super car blondie checks out quite a lot of exceptional cars , But what if today she checked out a a concoction of severe engineering whose main aim was just to amuse toddlers as well as fully grown adults. Yes in this video Super car blondie checks out a automated robotic dinosaur that is based on the underpinnings of a truck  and can move as well.

Re-Inforced Sharp Steel Teeths

The dinosaur can chew through cars as well as breathe fire all at a touch of a button. Super Car blondie actually went in to the control cabin of the amusement dinosaur and showcased how intricate the controls were. Every finger of the hand could control a specific function that the mechanical monster could perform. The Monster stands at about a towers height in he air and weighs about 28 tonne which is probably equal to about 28 cars. plus being based on a truck the mechanical dinosaur can be transported as well .

Even The Host Was Scared

While the YouTuber jumped into the machine she was visibly scared her hands were jittery, who wouldn’t be if the machine being used was this huge and complicated. The dinosaur can also plunge down its neck catch hold of cars and chew them with the sharp ,metal teeths it has.

The whole contraption is a brilliant feature for kids as they would be amused beyond belief seeing such a creation. However as a adult as well it was a pretty cool contraption to look at. The Robosauras is actually operated by a company out of LasVegas Nevada and they do shows all around America. The whole contraption can actually be dismantled and taken along in transportation along the nation where ever the shows are , so even after its humongous size its fully dynamic as well as compact. Looking at the monster it looks to have been taken straight out of a sci FI horror movie.

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