Super Car Blondie Checks Out Vehicle From SCI Fi Movie

Vheicle From Lost In Space

This Time around SuperCar Blondie checks out a space chariot from the Movie Lost in Space, the car actually has been produced to be prop on the production of the movie which is now owned by celebrity comedian as well as ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. The car is nothing like we have ever seen since it has been designed after a moon rover its resembles the practicality as well as the utilitarian approach of such high tech vehicles.

The car has huge doors that swing open upwards and are operated through hydraulic motors. The car can seat about 4 even after being hugely spacious it is from the inside. The car was built to show up for sense in the movie it wasn’t produced to be road going vehicle hence a lot of features that we see on the surface are actually only cosmetic and  add no capabilities to the car. The car has quite a lot of hydraulic linkages which allow it to mimic thee functions of a futuristic car.

Since the car is based of a series and is visible in it only n the third season the car has been used with a lot of CGI trickery to make more than one of the same car. The car has parts from several American motors with axels seemingly taken from trucks and shocks remain to be operated through air pressure. Although the car is in a nice shape but after all its movie prop and it leaks and requires constant care but it still is one of the best at bringing smiles on the faces of people once its on the Road. The car cannot go fast either but due to its size and possibly the torque its engine produces it can tow heavy carriages as seen on the show.

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