Supercar Blondie Checks Out 3D Printed Sports Car (Video)

Super Cra bLondie Checks Out New Czinger
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Supercar blondie keeps on checking out new super cars for her viewers but , this time around she checked out a car so special that there would only be 8 of them ever produced. The car is known as CZINGER 21C. The car in its construction uses several uniquely fabricated bits and pieces that are 3d printed . In appearance the car resembles Le man’s race cars with cam shell like doors and boot lid .

Specs and details

The car is named Czinger after the owner of the company whose name is Kevin Czinger and if these details aren’t enough to get you interested here are a few more facts the car has about 1250 hp with a 1250 kerb weight which gives it a 1:1 power to weight ratio.The massive rear wings of the car makes a profound 2500 kg of down force at about 200mph to keep the car tightly hugged to the track.The car is powered by a twin turbo V8 that was the entirety of the specifications raveled .The car is build on a monocoque carbon fiber tub which allows the car to be stiffer than ever, plus to increase the rigidity the car has massive entrance curbs which make it difficult to enter the car.


The car has two seats one after the other like a helicopter and the doors open up in air like blooming petals of a roused up flower. The single seat in the middle configuration would give the car a f1 style driving dynamics with the driver being able to witness every thing by sitting down low in the seat.

Track focused Performance

The car even after being so unique and build with one off prototype internals is a full fledged track car, it has done several trips to the track. The car was an absolute mean machine on the track with its immense grip and profound grunt from the twin turbo V8. LUCAS Czinger who is the co founder of the company talked about how even after being such a unique and one off proposition the car can run on simple fuel as well as race fuel Zero Emissions Carbon Recycled Methanol. The car can alternate in-between fuels and bring out the best emissions possible. The car can even run on flex fuel ans still perform as said. we were as astounded by the feat of engineering this car is as much as Supercar Blondie was at the end of her video.

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