Tata Altroz Owner Shares His Predicament Regarding Insurance Claim Settlement After Crash

Tata Altroz crash

While Tata tries its best at the management level to advertise as well as to bring the people to the common understanding that the brand is innovating beyond its limits, and is instrumental in the Big EV conversion that the nation is going through. But regularly we find its customers sharing their predicament over at YouTube or other forums exhausted by their diabolical services. Another such case has come to light with a Tata Altroz owner who hasn’t been able to extract a claim for his car after an accident.

Altroz’s 5 star Safety Rating came in handy

Although Altroz has a 5 star safety rating and the car itself performed pretty well protecting all it occupants in the case of an roll over after hitting an divider , but the  services there after faltered in a massive manner. According to the owner there was Lapse form the company he got his vehicle insured from, he says that the employee sent for review had a malicious Intent and offered a claim value that was not acceptable the reason behind the claim value was a error in calculating the IDV of the vehicle. The owner was very unsatisfied by the un-professional behavior of the insurer who according to the owner after Tata’s involvement stated that the owner would be allowed any claim.

Insurer’s Fault

Although Tata itself is not involved in the whole scenario but the insurer sure has done enough to harm the brands image. The owner has been going through a utter devastating tyranny for the past few  months as his car suffered this accident on the 1st  of January  2022 and till now no claim has been given to him. The owner also talked about how the importance of Insurance is next to nothing when even for extracting a claim the owner has to ardently resist against such bureaucracy showcased by his Insurer. The video would help the owner in making his case more substantial and would also pressurize the employees who have been spinning web of lies to delay justice.

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