Tata Motors to launch cheapest electric vehicle for common man, check details

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There are many automakers in the country which are now introducing electric vehicles in the Indian market in an effort to curb the pollution from petrol and diesel cars. One such company TATA is also going to launch its electric vehicle at an affordable price.

As you know, Tata’s Nano car was launched many years ago and its price shook the entire market. This vehicle was specially made according to the budget of common man. After its launch, many people had different reactions to the vehicle. The reason for this was simply that the Tata Nano was promoted as a vehicle of the poor because in India the car is considered a thing of pride. However, the Nano could not live up to the expectations of people.

Ratan Tata rides in a custom-made electric Nano

In view of this, now Tata is again preparing to bring back the Nano, where it will soon launch it as an electric vehicle. In the coming times, there is an era of e-vehicles, due to which Tata Nano will also be brought to the people in this avatar. Also, talking about its price, like Tata Nano, the price of this vehicle is also shocking to everyone. Tata Motors has said that just like the price of Nano was less as compared to other vehicles. Similarly, the price of this Tata Nano electronic car will also be less than other electronic cars.

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