Telugu Actor Naga Chaitanya’s Toyota Vellfire Fined, Know why

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On a special drive to catch vehicles with tinted windows Hyderabad Traffic police catch Telgu Actor Naga Chaitanya’ s heavily tinted Toyota vellfire. In these recent weeks several Actors have made headlines for getting caught for dousing their vehicles in black film to resist fan mobs at traffic junctions.

The Traffic police were conducting a regular check and caught glimpse of Naga’s heavily tinted vellfire. The actor was in the car while the incident happened the actor was stopped at around the check post on Jubilee hills. The actor without asking for any plead paid the fines taxed on him and also removed the tints at the spot.

Telgu Actor Naga Chaitanya’s Toyota Vellfire Fined

The actor was then allowed to leave the spot; the incident is a occurring after many consecutive warnings from the police of Hyderabad to resist from tinting windows in such a way. All black cars without any chrome on the body panels is a famous attribute of southern stars. the famous actor Allu Arjun was stopped for the same reason and issued challans for his all black dechromed land rover Range Rover.

Actor Klyan ram was stopped similarly and issued fine for the same reason.

Heavily Tinted windows a big NO-NO (Telgu Actor Naga Chaitanya’s Toyota Vellfire Fined )

The tinted window rule is flouted most often in India. While the enforcement police are quite strict in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, in many other cities, motorists continue to use tinted windows to protect their privacy and themselves from the sun. It is to be noted that any kind of aftermarket tinted window is not allowed in Indian cars .A step taken by the government on the misdemeanors taking place inside cars so that they could easily be thwarted by the bystanders.

It is to be noted that no politician of India, including the Prime Minister of the country, can use sirens and flashers on their vehicle. In India, only emergency and constabulary owned vehicles like ambulances and official police cars have permission to use sirens and strobes.

Also, it should be noted that under the new Motor vehicle Act, the police forces can fine the government officials double the amount normally fixed for such fines. This rule was established to set an example for the common motorist, so that even the government employees can be heavily penalized in case of rule flouting.

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