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Toyota Glanza Remembers Its Roots, Displays Suzuki Emblem On Infotainment Screen while Starting Up

By Shriyansh Garg

People have been so hesitant of the build quality of Suzuki’s that quite a lot of them now opt for Toyota Glanza’s, at a more advanced price tag they get the sense of security that since its a Toyota would have been built better. Even after knowing tat both the Baleno as well as the Glanza are same cars people pay a premium for a sense of security and to get a better brand value. Well what if that sense of owning a premium brand was snatched away from you every time you switched on the car and the infotainment showcased a Suzuki Logo , down the drain would be your allegiance to Toyota.


What Actually Happened

A similar case has been reported on Auto BHP forums and hence became all the rage as media outlets are reporting it virally.  The car that suffered such a jilting was a older generation of Glanza and the cars infotainment software was rebooted due to a certain bug or something , after the reboot the owner saw a Suzuki logo right in between the center of his infotainment screen , bewildered he took photos and shared them online. The owner also provided proof that the older generation software was not deleted as his data was intact.

This probably was due to minor glitch and would probably be solved as soon as the owner takes his vehicle back to Toyota , Suzuki has no hands behind this. Glanza is a Baleno its as simple as that but just for the sense of being safer people generally opt for Glanza’s. Toyota and Suzuki partnership does not just end here there is a Vitara and a Urban Cruiser partnerhip as well. And to further help the Indian Auto industry a new partnership for The Toyota and Suzuki Mid Size SUV has also been initiated. We hope such issues do not surface on those premium products or the brands would really have to  suffer.


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