Triumph TE-1 EV Bike Completes Pre-Production Tests , Triumph To Reveal Official Specs Soon

Triumph TE 1 Ev Bike

While Triumph has already made a dent into the Indian market with its profound offerings like the trident and the speed triple, the brands seemingly wouldn’t stop until it replicates a similar grasp in the Ev two wheeler world as well. The Triumph TE-1 electric motorcycle which would bring in such results has completed its final testing phase.The company is said to be revealing the performance results of the bike on July 12which would include range of the bike on a full charge as well as the time taken to top the battery up.

The TE-1 has been in development for a long time, and Triumph had been releasing small snippets of info about the bike from time to time. The battery of the bike is being produced by UK based Williams Advanced Engineering . The company had earlier revealed that the performance from the battery exceeds the performance provided by any other battery in the class in terms of power density.

The powertrain for the final prototype was developed by Integral Powertrain, and features a scalable integrated inverter and combined motor with silicon carbide switching technology as well as integrated cooling. The unit itself is compact, with the motor and inverter part of one package. That, in turn, has helped reduce the mass and volume of the drive train. The motor is said to develop 130kW or 180hp. And the biggest feature is that it only weighs 10KG which is notably lighter than any internal combustion engine ever used on a sports bike.

The bike would be based on the same design language and ideology followed by the sped triple as well as the speed triple family, a snippet released by Triumph reveals headlights, taillights and body work of the vehicle. Triumph seems to be keeping all the integral info under wraps as the bike would be launched later in the year.with the rising competition in EV sports bike segment a swell its evident Triumph would only bring what they consider to be the beat in the market.