Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Old Vs New: Key differences explained

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Old Vs New: Key differences explained

Triumph in the pursuit of filling in the gaps in its array of motorcycles available for the Indian market has launched its baby tiger – the Tiger Sport 660. With an introductory price that is open to contention the bike brings with it a new design class with fairings that make it appear more like a fared bike with worked up legs, unlike the superior tigers.

Although Triumph India has had a pretty expansive portfolio when it comes to bikes on offer but there was a missing spot that has been taken care of brilliantly by the company.

The need of a power full Adventure Sport Tourer, that can very well handle the streets has already been proven by the sales of Kawasaki’s Versys 650 but now Triumph have brought in a competitor that would make the market more competitive.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Old Vs New

Here are a few facts and comparison of the new Tiger 660 Sport:

Triumph Tiger Sport 660


The Tiger sport will be powered by a three Cylinder Inline Engine from the Trident, with about 81 horsepower and 64 nm of torque.

Although the fact that the company is using the same engine and tech from an existing bike might seem a bit lackadaisical but such decisions from the manufacturer often result in a cheaper service throughout the products life.


The suspension setup is similar to that of trident as well with 41mm separate function fork and a Mono shock at the rear with Remote preload adjustments.

Now since the bike if more focused towards touring and Adventure sports its suspension travel has been increased a mighty 150mm at front and rear compared to tridents 120 mm at the front and 134mm at the rear.

Also paired are dual channel abs switchable traction control and two riding modes Road and Rain.

Fuel tank

As the bike has been focused more towards adventure and touring the fuel tank has received an expansion as well to the capacity of about 17.2 liters. The trident on which on and off the bike have been based offers a 14 liter tank.

Other changes and features

Unlike other changes that had to do with the get go of the Triumph Tiger Sport 660 the bikes rake angle has also been revised. Following is a necessary change as the bike needed a quick and sharp handling apparatus to handle all the adventure it has been designed for.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660

The bike features a minimally exaggerated sub frame to provide for more luggage carrying space and passenger comfort, Triumph also brought forward brilliant accessories that would help the riders in carrying loads while subliminally hiding along the lines of the bike.


Its main competitors would be the Kawasaki Versys 650 and the Suzuki V Storm 650. Although the Tiger wears a badge a legacy that has a lot going for it and has a venerable aura when it comes to adventure Tourer the baby tiger wouldn’t be such a howl, it’s meant more for road driving rather than serious off-roading.


As quoted on the official website, the Triumph Tiger Sport 660 would be priced at about 8.95 laths ex-showroom , while Kawasaki Versys 650 is priced starting at 7.15 lakhs and Suzuki V strom starts from around 8.27 lakhs.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660

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