Truck Driver Drives on for 15km’s with Toll Official Hanging On to His Vehicle

Truck Driver drives AS a Toll Oficcial Hangs on For Dear lIfe

We regularly get to see bizarre accidents on the Indian roads  but seldom does news like these surface over the internet. A trucker in a fit of rage drove his truck  after resisting to pay toll charges while the toll official was still hanging on to the front of the vehicle. The video of the Toll Booth official hanging on to the trucks grab rails ahs went viral over the internet.

The video hails from the Nandyal district of Andhra Pradesh, The video was shot by a fellow tourist traveling along the same road. The Toll official is hanging on to the vehicle with a tight grasp while the driver mercilessly drives the vehicle at formidable speeds.

What Actually Happened

According to the information available, the toll booth operator climbed on the bumper to reach the Fastag of the vehicle. Since the RFID reader of the toll booth was not working, the official climbed with a manual reader to scan the tag. However, the truck driver sped away from the toll booth with the official hanging in front of him. A dire punishment for a crime too prudent.

Similar cases recorded in recent past as well

In the past there have been Videos where car drivers took the Police officials for a ride along the roads while resisting to pay challan. Several videos have been seen over the internet where a official while trying to fine a driver and the driver resisting the charges took the officer away while driving, while the officer hanged onto the bonnet for dear life

Resisting to stop leads to further Charges

Running away while asked to stop by a Police officer can lead to further charges, Police are now equipped with better tech and can even send a Challan while clicking a simple photo of the vehicle breaking traffic rules. The system would soon turn into a camera operated labyrinth that would allow some relief to the traffic cops

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