Truck driver prevents crash after brakes fail, here’s what he did (Video)

Truck's brakes fail
Truck's brakes fail

A truck’s brakes failed on the Jalna – Sillod road in Maharashtra, and what a wise driver did post that is indeed commendable.

A video uploaded by Transport Live on their YouTube channel shows what all happened after a truck’s brakes failed.

What the driver did?

As soon as the truck driver realised that the brakes of the vehicle have failed, he used the reverse gear and drove the vehicle for 3 kilometers to avoid an accident.

The driver could not use the first or the second gear because in order to engage the truck in those gears, it needs to be stationary.

Hence, he decided to slowly drive the truck in back gear until he found a safe option to stop the out of control monster.

The video also shows many bikers, some of whom also helped in clearing out the traffic and warned people about the situation.

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After around 3 km of reverse driving, the driver finally spotted an open farm, he turned the steering wheel towards it. Thanks to the rough surface, the truck slowed down and eventually came to a stop.

Truck’s brakes fail: Watch video here…

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