Used Cars For Sale , Honda Amaze 1.2 S (o) MT for the lowest Price Ever, Best Deal Ever

HOnda amaze for resale

Right from the juncture of Great cars for resale we bring you an offering you wouldn’t pass,  Honda Amaze petrol 1.2 S (o) MT for a price nobody can think of. The car is in a brilliant shape has only done a meek 45,930  km nothing for a New age Honda petrol engine. The car is listed at Cars 24 you can get assured of the quality as every car that is listed on the website goes through a rigorous series of tests get assured of the validity.

The car has manual transmission and was last serviced on 25 may 2022, another assured claim form the website to assure that the car is in good shape. The car has only been owned by one person before this reselling bout hence it’s a 1st  owner car. The car is non accidental and for sale right now if interested act out at once as such deals so not wait for long.

Insurance Details

The Car is insured till May 2023 as assured by Cars 24. While buying second hand cars mishandling of insurance renewals always remains to be one of the biggest worries but here as assured by the details at Cars 24 the car is insured right through till 2023.

Engine Specifications

The cars comes with 1.2 liter four cylinder petrol engine that churns out about 89 bhp @ 6000 RPM and produces about 110 NM of torque @4500 rpm. Plenty for city use and with petrol prices on the rise these engines can be used thoroughly to churn out every bit of mileage possible.  The car has integrated music system so no worries of mishandling in these dynamics as well . The stock music system from Honda works well with changing times.

The car Is UP -32 registered and is available right

In case the car is not as advertised and causes any harm TVN as well as the writer would not hold any responsibility. Buyer Discretion advised

If interested-Honda Amaze 1.2 S (O) MT I VTEC MANUAL

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