Used Cars For Sale, Honda City Petrol For the Cheapest Price Ever

Honda City Maroon

While government has been ardent regarding their decision about driving life of petrol vehicles to remain till 15 years only, the second hand car market is filled with cars that are being sold without any substantial use. We strive to bring you such cars and today we have Honda city V MT Petrol with only 26,236 km’s on the odometer. The car is an absolute steal because of the value it provides. Here are all the details.


The car is manual so no problems for the new prospective owner as manual transmissions are easy to maintain, plus the car being a V variant comes with a lot of features you wouldn’t get if you were to buy a new car in this price range. The car also offers a touch screen as well as a automatic climate control unit. If you do plan to buy the car you would get  deal of a lifetime as the car is in the most pristine condition with no dents or bodywork issues at all.

Insurance Details

Insurance history is always a worry while buying second hand cars but every car on Cars 24 has a impeccable service as well as insurance records. This Honda city is insured till May 2023 and hasn’t had any reported breaks in the insurance policy. Such continuity in insurance helps in retaining the value of the car through out its life. The car has had its last recorded service on 16 May 2022 and hence has been taking car of thoroughly.

While buying ascend hand car always try to take a test drive first as it would help you in finding out if there are any underlying issues in the car. Take a test drive as well as check the registration history , unpaid challans as well as insurance details thoroughly. The car is DL-4c registered, Cars 24 also allows EMI payment options so the car could be yours even in installments.

In case the car is not as advertised and causes any kind of Harm TVN as well as the Writer wouldn’t hold any responsibility for the loss. Buyers discretion advised.

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