Used Cars On Sale : Maruti Suzuki Alto VXI Plus, For the cheapest price ever

maruti suzuki alto for sale

Amid the fuel price rise there hasn’t been much relief for the people driving petrol cars. Rises in the fuel prices have even got to CNG which used to be the cheaper alternative of the bunch, still CNG provides much more economy than petrol or diesel in the current scenario.

And for such savings we have brought to you a vehicle that would help you in saving money every time while filling the tank. A Maruti Suzuki Alto VXI plus manual with only 4,431 km’s on the odometer. The car is in brilliant condition ready to be yours at once.

Source Cars 24

The car was last serviced on 4th of May 2022, and being available on Cars24 means that the car is in proficient state as cars are thoroughly tested by cars 24 before listing on their website.

The insurance is valid up to May 2023, so the new owner wouldn’t have to worry about losing the value of the car in attaining new insurance deal. The car is in petrol as of now but is a brilliant candidate for a CNG conversion for better savings.

Features/Engine Specifications

The car is powered by a three cylinder engine about 796cc which produces about 40.36HP max and about a peak torque of 60 NM. The car is brilliant to drive in city due to its smaller ergonomics but not so much of a highway runner. The car offers minimal creature comforts as it in its basic form but comes with a pre installed a music system that already so more money saved in that department.

Before buying second hand vehicle always try to take a test drive first to inspect the vehicle closely review the performance. Also always check the registration history as well as the Insurance history thoroughly to find out if there have been any lapses in the documents of the car.

The car is HR-49 registered and is available right now at the price of 4,45,199 the car has only done a few thousand km’s and is basically new. Cars 24 also provides Emi options .

If the car is not as described the vocal news as well as the writer hold no responsibility towards the purchase or the damages on suffers due to such a purchase. The reader must buy with his own discretion.

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