Video Of Youth Sitting On Trunk While The Car is Moving Goes Viral, Netizens Question Road Safety

Youth does stunts for social media on open roads

Flouting traffic rules seem to be the norm on social media to gain followers. As every other day a video surfaces over the internet of youngsters trying to impress people over at social media by flouting traffic rules as well as putting their life in danger. Another video from Ghaziabad recently surfaced over the interweb where in pursuit of gaining social media traction a youth can be seen sitting on the trunk of a moving car.

The video was recorded by another car which was driving behind him, the Police is yet to identify the youth. This isn’t the first time someone has been caught doing such treachery on public roads. a few days back as well we reported a similar instance where a youth sat on the precipice of the front gate of the vehicle while it was doing formidable speeds.

Cases Of Such Incidents Rising

The police has been paying keen attention to such activities and has reported a high no of such instances, where to make videos youth have been taking severe risks on public roads. Needless to say such acts of showoff on social media can lead to utter catastrophe , do not involve in such activities as well as never give them recognition to be a valiant act or a show of bravery. Such viral videos shall be reported as soon as they surface on your social media handles, as they motivate youth to further continue doing such stupid stunts.

No Insurance Claim In such cases

If the owner of the car suffers an accident while involved in speed trails or such stunts, Insurance companies might turn hesitant to provide claims. This could be a very devastating situation as at that point the insurer can resist to help, and you being left alone to handle the situation as well as the harm caused to the vehicle. Plus the authorities should take strict action against such videos by tracing their source, the reported video is form elevated road Ghaziabad which even after being a integral road in between Delhi and Ghaziabad doesn’t have any cameras. The government should take heed in the matter and install cameras on the road

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