Why Do EV’s Catch Fire? Here Are The Most Common Reasons

Why Do Ev Vehicles Catch Fire

Amid the recent cases of fire in EV’s being reported all round India. The question in every mind has been , Why Do EV’s Catch Fire? Well to answer the question we went in to a deep study of the various components of the electric scooters and tried to nail out a few key elements which can help protecting fire hazards.

Just like a normal Internal Combustion engine EV’s can catch fire as well as has been made evident by the recent cases of fire in EV’S across the nation. So here are the main causes which can cause a fire in the EV scooter.

Why di EV vehicles Catch Fire

Short Circuit

Like any electric circuit there can be shorts in the circuit of a electric scooter as well, which would result in a catastrophic disaster. Hence always make sure that the vehicle you buy has been previously thoroughly tested by the manufacturer. Manufacturers themselves would have to pay keen attention to quality checks. And make sure there hasn’t been any prior case of its internal circuits being shorted in the market. You can also preserve the general health of your circuit by following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer at the time of purchase.

Faulty BMS

BMS Stands for battery management system just like the ECU in cars,consider it to be the brain of the EV vehicle which manages the current and the flow if it to the drive train. A faulty BMS is a diabolical concoction waiting for disaster. As a faulty BMS could corrupt the motor as well as the internal circuits of the EV by transferring more power than needed. Always make sure to get your EV to service stations at the right time, do not ignore warning lights and always follow the guide lines prescribed by the manufacturer ardently.

Why Do Ev Vehicles Catch Fire

Faulty Chargers

Just like phones always use chargers prescribed by the manufacturer, never change the charger type  by self as it might result in a disaster and can also impact the battery adversely. Never use a charger more powerful to charge your vehicle thinking that it might charge the vehicle faster, stick to the one provided by your manufacturer. Also before buying an EV product pay close attention to the electric wiring in the house as well as its load capacity. Also make sure that the wiring is in good health.

Cell Quality

Cell quality could be one of the main reasons why your EV might catch fire , even  a meek amount of contamination in a cell might result in it gaining temperature during its life, which would result in a temperature rise in the adjacent cells causing a fire. Always make sure you buy your EV’S from a renowned brand even if the vehicle comes at a premium price as with known brand chances of a faulty cells being used might be less. Its important to stipulate rules regarding battery manufacturing to protect  users from disastrous outcomes.

Accidental Damage

In case of an accident it’s possible that you might dent the battery leading to a leak in it which could be hazardous  and can be contribute to short circuits as well as fires . A ruptured cell can leak and cause a short circuit leading to high temperatures in the scorching heat of Indian summers and cause fires. To prevent this from happening the manufacturer should shroud the battery in protective panels, and the rider should ride safe without taking any unnecessary risks.

In case Of EV’s precautions are always better than cure,as a EV fire are harder to manage than a normal fire there are several reasons to that as well here they are

Why Do EV'S catch Fire

Thermal Runaway

The phenomenon could be better understood by understanding what it is in a basic form, in case of a fire or heating up of one cell the cyclic reaction would ensue which would result in a fire in all the adjacent cells one after the other.

Its also hard to mange a Thermal run away fire as being fumed by chemicals it doesn’t even need oxygen in the atmosphere to burn, so your normal fire extinguishers wont help the cause. The only way out the would be to douse the vehicle in a large amount of water. But with that as well the challenge of electrocution is evident. In such cases to prevent electrocution use distilled water to stop the fire.

Plus there are chances of re-ignition in case of EV fires hence always make sure that the vehicle catching fire is kept in a vacant place and under observation. Pay keen attention to the market reception as well as the general over all experience being shared by the previous buyers before buying an EV.

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