Why Politicians and Celebrities Use Toyota Land Cruisers (Video)

Polittical A listers Using Land Cruisers

Land cruisers are a regular operational vehicle for Political A- listers as well as celebrities, the reason for their choice is plain and simple, the capacity of the car to be modified to become bulletproof is beyond belief. Armored vehicles are meant for celebrities and political A lister’s and we seldom see regular people seeking protection from bullets , hence if you are searching for a bulletproof vehicle to help you along Inkas armored Lexus might be the safest bet for you. The Canadian armorer has just announced its latest, the 300 Series Toyota Land Cruiser. Given VPAM VR7 Certification and EVR2010 blast certification, this means a truck that could already go anywhere can now get safely out of a lot of gunfights.

In an introduction video of the vehicle the brand reveals how much damage from ballistics and bullets the car can take the video is a revelation. The car while in test takes damage from 780 laser-guided rounds in various calibers, six hand grenades placed on the roof, four more hand grenades placed under the body, two land mines, and 33 pounds of TNT blown up 6.5 feet away. 

For a little background, VR certifications require flying a test vehicle to one of the armor testing outfits in Europe. According to German Firm Aurum Security passing the test for VPAM VR7 papers requires a ballistic steel protection that’s three inches thick. A properly designed rig can withstand, among other threats, “7.62х51 (.308) up to 30.06 AP (Armor Piercing) and Penetrator rounds.” Test dummies also need to pass pressure and survivability tests so real-life occupants aren’t rescued from explosions only to be felled by concussive aftereffects. Judging by the footage, we’d rather be a blast test dummy with Inkas than a crash Test Dummy with NHSTA.

The brand also sells a slightly lesser equipped Toyota land cruiser which would be best for civilian use if you have people after you. Now being developed outside of India these are supposed to be expensive but if you are someone who needs such security money shouldn’t be a concern to you.

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