World’s biggest truck owned by Rainbow Sheikh is a luxury villa on wheels

World’s biggest truck
Image: Facebook

World’s biggest truck: The Abu Dhabi Sheikhs are famous across the world over for their luxurious lifestyle, which includes their collection of exotic cars. One such Sheikh is Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, who is also known as Rainbow Sheikh. Why this name? Well, the reason behind this name is quite interesting. He bought no less than 7 new Mercedes 500 SEL cars and covered them in the colours of the rainbow – Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

Well, it’s a next level of extremes, right? But what’s even more interesting is the fact that Rainbow Sheikh also owns the world’s biggest truck. This monster truck is actually 1950 Dodge Power Wagon pick-up truck’s replica, which was built many years ago.

World’s biggest truck

It goes without saying that this pick-up is 64 times larger in size than the original one. So, what makes this truck special? Here you go!

World’s biggest truck
Image: Facebook

-The wheels have been borrowed from an oil rig transporter

-The wipers came from an ocean liner

-The headlights cost 1,000 pounds

-World’s biggest truck weighs more than fifty tonnes

-It is a luxury villa on wheels

Luxury villa on wheels

This truck has four air-conditioned bedrooms, plus a large kitchen, bathrooms, and a living room. In addition, the tailgate can be lowered to have a beautiful terrace overlooking the Abu Dhabi desert.

World’s biggest truck
Dodge Power Wagon WM-300 truck in CA, April 17, 2010. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Even more, the world’s biggest truck is not an immovable replica, but can be driven around and is registered to run on the roads of Abu Dhabi.

In order to celebrate the oil boom of the 1950s, the Dodge Power Wagon replica was built.

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