Wuling 40hp EV Might Solve The Intercity Traffic Issues, Checkout Details

Wuling EV vehicle

Wuling a small china based EV manufacturer just introduced a new small size Ev for the Indonesian market, the car made its official debut in Jakarta. The car has a tiny footprint with futuristic styling and an electric power train. On the outside the car resembles the likes of smart as well as The Tata Nano with a single silhouette followed till the rear overhangs of the car. The car has been designed in such an ergonomic way to help the folks run intercity without any hassles.


The car has high sitting strip of LED’s which become the base of two side mirrors. While on the other end the headlights are positioned towards the lower end of the front Fascia at the bumpers.the designers allege that they took inspiration from VR glasses to design the vehicle. Although inspiration can be derived from any place or object wuling designers found it in a very odd thing. The overall design of the machine gives it a appeal of a small cart that can be used to get around easily.


While official specs are to be announced by the manufacturer but a media report by HT Auto says that they would be similar to the like of Wuling air whose specs were leaked earlier. The car would be made available in the market in two trims a single seater trim as well as a four seater trim. Both the cars would be fitted with a 40hp electric motor  and would be positioned higher than the existing models the Nano EV as well as the Mini EV in wulings portfolio.

Further Details

The wuiling would soon go on sale in Indonesia soon and has been selected to be the official car of the G20 Bali summit this November. Although the car hails form a completely different market it’s a product that would not go amiss in the Indian market. As the times progress the need of a affordable EV that is small for intercity runs is getting higher in India and a car like this would definitely fulfill that.

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