Xuv 700 VS Tata Safari Drag Race : Can you Guess the Winner

Yagya Sharma who hails from the youtube channel by the same name pitted XUV 700 vs the Tata Safari against each other in a Drag race recently. The results will shock you.

Yagya Sharma is a YouTuber who also is an Auto enthusiast who owns a Honda city , Swift and an Innova Crysta recently on his channel among other videos he pitted the xuv 700 vs the Tata Safari Against each other. Although both the cars are close competitors of each other and we expected a close race but the result shocked us.


The Tata Safari is powered by a Kryotec 2.0l Turbocharged Engine, with a displacement of about 1956 cc and about 167 horsepower @3750rpm and about 350nm torque at1750-2000 rpm. While the Xuv 700 has a Displacement of about @1999 cc churns out about 197.13 horsepower at about  1700 to 3000 rpm with380nm of Torque at about 1750-3000rpm. As is evident by the numbers the XUV 700 is superior out of the two in the aspects of power and torque delivered.

The Race

Yagya Sharma is a well versed Auto enthusiast who conducted the race in all modes The Safari had to offer, in city as well as the sport in which Traction control switches on Automatically. But it was manually switched off. In all the forms XUV700 won the Drag race against the Safari . and after that they conducted a rolling race as well as a race in which safari was given a lead of about a couple of car lengths still the safari lost.

The Reason

Xuv 700  even being heavier than the Safari has better horse power and better torque, it seems the safari takes a bit of time to get launched and drive hence forth hence in such conditions the Xuv was the clear winner.

Safety precautions

Although the car were owned privately by the participants its not advisable to conduct such races on public roads. the danger of there being accidents always looms close . Also if proved as this video once published can ,that the owner was in a pursuit of testing the top speed or trying to do a timed run in case of an accident the insurers might turn hesitant to help. 

Be safe and ensure others safety as well first.

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