Yamaha MT-07 Ans YZF-R7 To Be Launched Soon, Checkout New Details

ysfr7 to be launched soon

Yamaha has been as a brand has been a integral part of devising mobility innovations in the Indian Two wheeler market and the brand seems to be taking no pit stops in its pursuit to bring in new innovations as well as bikes in the Indian market. Recently a post by AutoCar India revealed how the brand is planning to being in  YZF R7 as well as the MT-O7 in India. As according to Yamaha if they are successful in their pursuit ,they might be able to bring in the pair as CBU import units to India. But if not the Indian market would have to wait till 2024 to get the bikes.

Why the bikes arrival might be delayed

As according to the report by Auto car both the bikes are Euro 5 and BS 5 compliant, However the Indian Government has brought in a new mandate to equip every vehicle sold after 1 April 2023 should have an OBD2 onboard diagnostic technology. This is one year earlier than the Europe’s mandate to equip vehicles with OBD2 sensors, which has been scheduled for 2024.These Yamaha’s of course as of yet do not have that technology and its highly unlikely that Yamaha would go out of their way to inculcate this tech in their bikes a year before they  would have to do it for Europe.

While Yamaha and Siam has been on the case pretty early and have been ardently requesting the Government to delay the scheduled change and and bring it with the rest of the Europe but these seems to be no hope for such a change.

Way Out

Although Yamaha can sell the bikes in their current form till march 31st  2023 , but Yamaha being the purist they are also want to support these high-class vehicles with exceptional service and maintenance help and that remains to be a challenge to establish in such a short amount of time.

Performance Details

The MT-O7as well as the MT-O9 are street naked sports bikes the MT-O7 is powered by a 689cc parallel-twin, while the MT-O9 has an  890cc inline-triple cylinder engine. The R7 however is a fully-faired sports bike which goes against the likes of Kawasaki Ninja 650r as well as Honda CBR650R and has the same engine as the MT-O7. Since the bikes are being imported here through a CBU Route they would be priced higher than the Kawasaki’s unless Yamaha finds a route that helps them price it below Kawasaki’s.

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