Yamaha R Series sports bike coming soon, watch teaser video

Yamaha R Series sports bike
Image credits: Yamaha R/World

Yamaha has released a new teaser video revealing a new R Series sports bike is in the works. However, the video doesn’t provide a glimpse of the bike.

You will see a rider-eye view of the racetrack where the bike rides from corner to corner. Towards the end, you will only hear a vroom fading-in with a text ‘Coming Soon’.

In the middle of the video, the view switches to a mountain road, which suggests that the Yamaha R Series sports bike is built for both track and street use.

The speculations

In November 2020, Yamaha announced that it is planning to discontinue the road-legal version of the YZF-R6 bike. This left a huge gap to the YZF-R1 and the lower R Series models.

However, it is speculated that the new R-series bike could be based on the 2021 Yamaha MT-07, hinting at a new mid-weight R motorcycle from Yamaha. Well, the bike’s exhaust note in the teaser video sounds similar to that of the MT-07’s 689cc, parallel-twin engine.

Moreover, Yamaha recently filed the name YZF-R7 with California’s Air Resources Board (CARB), thus adding more fuel to the speculation.

The CARB filing includes two registrations for the YZF-R7 – ‘YZFR7NCB’ and ‘YZFR7NCL’ – that the source suspects could be the colour schemes. The chassis could also be retained as the weight mentioned in the CARB documents is the same as that of the MT-07.

Yamaha R Series sports bike launch date

Well, the teaser video has not revealed a launch date and we expect to see more teasers in the days to come. We also expect that Yamaha may soon provide a glimpse of the bike.

The chances are slim for the new R-series motorcycle making its way to India.

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