YAMAHA RX100: Legendary bike to make a comeback! Will bring in 80s nostalgia

YAMAHA RX100: Legendary bike to make a comeback! Will bring in 80s nostalgia

The legendary Yamaha RX100 bike is set to make a comeback! The popular motorcycle rocked Indian roads from 1985 till 1996. Speaking to a news website, Yamaha Motor India Chairman Ishin Chihana has said that the company wants the return of the RX100. However, due to some technical reasons, the old model may not be brought in. But it will be a big challenge for Yamaha to carry the old identity of the RX100 with the modern styling. The new model of RX100 may be launched around 2026 with a powerful engine and design. Let’s see what is Yamaha’s plan regarding the RX100.

Don’t expect similar YAMAHA RX100

The return of Yamaha RX100 will not be like the old model. There are two technical reasons for this. The first reason is that the RX 100 comes with a two stroke engine. At the same time, the second reason is that a BS6-compliant engine can never be produced with a two-stroke engine.

Will launch by 2026

The company’s chairman Ishin Chihana says that Yamaha has models for the lineup till 2025. Therefore, the return of RX100 will be possible only in 2026. Talking to Business Line, Chihana said that “we have a plan for the return of RX100.”

The company will not take the risk

According to Ishin Chihana, the company cannot use the name of RX100 so easily. Due to this there is a risk of spoiling the image of RX100. The new model of RX100 will be revamped. The company wants to launch the RX 100 with a good preparation.

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