Youth From Uttar Pradesh Booked For Performing Stunts On Public Roads, Gets His Cars Seized

Uttar Pradesh Youth Booked For Doing Stunts

A recent video of a boy form Uttar Pradesh has surfaced over the internet and is getting a viral  a reception, in the video a boy seen standing on the bonnet of the car replicating the famous Ajay Devgun stunt while the car is in favorable speeds. The boy keeps on standing even while being video recorded and showing off their apparent bravery in this act of utter stupidity.

The video is going viral and has caused a debate upon how drivers are fined due to smallest of mistakes while on the road , while these stuns go amiss until and unless they go viral over social media and get reported. The car seems to be handled and driven by another person who is sitting on the driver seat, or the co passenger in the front while Rajiv is standing on the bonnet seemingly like a hero. In another stunt he is seen riding a bike while popping its front wheel in the air on a busy street

Police Reprimands The Youth

Needless to say such acts of showoff on social media can lead to utter catastrophe , do not involve in such activities as well as never give them recognition to be a valiant act or a show of bravery. Such viral videos shall be reported as soon as they surface on your social media handles, as they motivate youth to further continue doing such stupid stunts. Although the same boy due to his stunts has been booked under the motor vehicle act and the vehicles he used for stunts have been seized as well. The 21 year old Rajiv took one of his own as well as a relatives Toyota Fortuner to do stunts.

Insurance claims in case of dangerous driving

If the owner of the car suffers an accident while involved in speed trails or such stunts, Insurance companies might turn hesitant to provide claims. This could be a very devastating situation as at that point the insurer can resist to help, and you being left alone to handle the situation as well as the harm caused to the vehicle. Plus the authorities should take strict action against such videos by tracing their source, I this case the video was taken on a elevated road from Ghaziabad as reported  by NYOOZ UP. The video was reported upon by several media outlets , but as of now no information has surfaced regarding any punishment or penalties.

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