YouTuber Checks Out The Atlas ATV, Extreme All Terrain Vehicle With Unique Features

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Want a vehicle that can go anywhere without any difficulties , well the ATLAS ATV might be the vehicle for you, the ATLAS ATV is a 2.85 mtr tall all terrain vehicle that has similar construction as that of the SHERP, the vehicle is driven around on tires that are 1.85MTR in height. The Atlas has a complicated steering system in which the vehicle is steered by the change in rational speed as well as the direction of the rear tires.

The Atlas just like the SHERP has an internal circuit of compressed air with heavy duty compressors that help it in staying afloat or deflating its tires according to the need of the hour. The Atlas due to the amazing grooves in its tires can also drive on water and stay a float . The vehicle can go anywhere with it capability to mount close to straight inclines as well as acute declines.

The vehicle has been designed for commercial purposes for the armed forces , but it can be privately bought as well. The Atlas would be all your at a price of about 135,00,000 us dollars, but this is just the base prize the Atlas can be modified to any extent and the company would charge extra for the addition of every optional extra.

Because of its height and apparent use for the army there are no mirrors on the outside every view inside the cabin is taken from cameras installed all around the vehicle, these give the driver a 360 vision of all the blind spots around him. The vehicle also has a huge front windscreen that helps in clearly seeing the obstacles you are about to drive upon. The atlas has in ingenious dual steering system where you can steer the vehicle with the front tires only or you can engage the rear wheel steering as well to make sharper turns. You can take this vehicle anywhere you dare to go

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