Cryptocurrency Shiba Inu meme coin touches sky in value surge

Cryptocurrency Shiba Inu meme coin touches sky in value surge
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Cryptocurrencies have now become a fad. Shiba Inu, a cryptocurrency based on a meme is more valuable than some of the biggest companies in India.

This meme coin hit an all-time high of $0.0000593 on Wednesday.

Shiba Inu now happens to be the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap in the world, as per CoinMarketCap.

Shiba Inu has been racing like anything with the world’s oldest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, hitting record highs.
It is worth mentioning that this token has doubled in value during the last week alone.

Even though Bitcoin has since corrected to just over $60,000 from its peak of $67,000, it has been continuously rising.

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Shiba Inu- the meme coin

When Shiba Inu cryptocurrency became an initial hit with Tesla CEO Elon Musk buying a dog of the same breed called Floki, a petition was initiated on to list this token on Robinhood.

Since then Elon Musk has clarified that he does not own any SHIB token. It is also known as the SHIB token, is the self-proclaimed Dogecoin Killer.

It aspires to be the biggest meme coin in the world. The coin was created in August 2020 Ryoshi. This cryptocurrency is built on the Ethereum blockchain.


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