Gold Price Today: Check 22-carat, 24-carat per gram rates for Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata

Gold price today
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New Delhi: The 24-carat gold price in India was Rs 46,470 per ten gram on Saturday, up Rs 980 from the previous trade.

Meanwhile, the silver price is Rs 59,500 per kg, a drop of Rs 1,200 from Friday’s price, according to Good Returns website.

India is the second-largest consumer of gold and the price of gold jewellery varies across the country due to excise duty, state taxes, and making charges.

In New Delhi and Mumbai, price of 10 gram of 22-carat gold was Rs 45,550 and 45,470 respectively, as per the website.

The price of 10 gm of 24-carat gold is Rs 49,700 in Delhi, while in Mumbai, it is Rs 46,470.

Gold prices are known for volatility from time to time, in India and worldwide. Also, the yellow metal acts as a hedge against spiking inflation; people keep a check on the rates.

The gold price in Delhi has been seeing some momentum, since 2021 beginning.

Gold, for various reasons, may not be a favourite in the last few years. The prices have also moved in a tight range.


We, at The Vocal News, bring you the latest gold rates for the cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

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22-carat Gold price in Delhi today (per gram)

1 GramRs 4,555
8 GramRs 36,440
10 GramRs 45,550
100 GramRs 4,55,500

24-carat Gold price in Delhi today (per gram)

1 GramRs 4,971
8 GramRs 39,768
10 GramRs 49,710
100 GramRs 4,97,100

22-carat Gold price in Mumbai today (per gram)

1 GramRs 4,548
8 GramRs 36,384
10 GramRs 45,480
100 GramRs 4,54,800

24-carat Gold price in Mumbai today (per gram)

1 GramRs 4,648
8 GramRs 37,184
10 GramRs 46,480
100 GramRs 4,64,800

22-carat Gold rates in Kolkata today (per gram)

1 GramRs 4,586
8 GramRs 36,688
10 GramRs 45,860
100 GramRs 4,58,600

24-carat Gold rates in Kolkata today (per gram)

1 GramRs 4,856
8 GramRs 38,848
10 GramRs 48,560
100 GramRs 4,85,600


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