Gold price today trading flat in Chennai, Hyderabad: Check rates in south India

Gold price today

India’s gold consumption is expected to rise further in 2022, as per World Gold Council (WGC). Notably, this comes after recording a big jump of 79 per cent last year; the reasons being a ‘pent-up demand’ and an ‘improvement in consumer confidence. It will boost retail jewellery sales nationwide. As we know gold price in India and worldwide are subject to change. We bring you the latest prices of yellow metal in grams from Goodreturns. Below are given the gold price for the cities of ‘Kerala’, ‘Hyderabad’ and ‘Chennai’.

India remains the world’s second-biggest ‘gold consumer’. Hence, this rise in consumption would help global prices but would also widen India’s trade deficit and put pressure on the already-strained rupee.

Gold price today in Chennai

The gold rates in Chennai for 22-carat, 1 gram stands at Rs 4,770, while the gold price for 8 grams stands at Rs 38,160.

For 10 gram gold, the buyer will have to pay Rs 47,700. Today gold rate in Chennai for 100 grams hovers at Rs 4,77,000.

When it comes to 24-carat gold for 1 gram in Chennai, prices are Rs 5,203. For 8 gram gold in Chennai, the buyer will have to pay Rs 41,624.

10 gram of gold in Chennai stands at Rs 52,030 while 100 gram stands at Rs 5,20,300.

Gold price in Hyderabad today

Gold rates in Hyderabad depend upon the global gold rates. These are affected by several factors such as Inflation, change in global prices, central bank gold reserve, fluctuating rates of interest, jewellery markets among others. Below are the latest gold rates today in Hyderabad.

22-carat gold price per gram in Hyderabad

Gold price today
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22-carat Gold price today in Hyderabad

1 GramRs 4,765
8 GramRs 38,120
10 GramRs 47,650
100 GramRs 4,76,500

24-carat Gold price today in Hyderabad

1 GramRs 5,198
8 GramRs 41,584
10 GramRs 51,980
100 GramRs 5,19,800

Gold rates in Kerala have always seen good consumption patterns, especially when it comes to the festive season or also during occasions like marriage or naming ceremonies.

Gold price today

22-carat Gold rate today in Kerala

1 GramRs 4,674
8 GramRs 37,392
10 GramRs 46,740
100 GramRs 4,67,400

24-carat Gold rate today in Kerala

1 GramRs 5,099
8 GramRs 40,792
10 GramRs 50,990
100 GramRs 5,09,900

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