Gold prices: Check the latest market rates in your city here

Gold prices: Check the latest market prices in your city here
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After the gold prices saw a steep decline in the past few days in the market, the rate has again backed up. On good returns price for 24-carat gold rose to Rs 49,640 from Rs 49,630 per 10 gram. The gold prices have observed some momentum from the beginning of the year.

On MCX gold price in India is estimated to be Rs. 49,990 per 10 gram. Meanwhile, the price for 22-carat gold remains Rs. 45,790. From May, the prices for standard as well as pure gold comparatively declined from the past months in the market.

On Wednesday, good returns marked the prices for 22-carat gold as Rs 4,549 and Rs 4,963 for pure gold which has increased by Re 1 for today in the market. As per the gold rate estimated websites prices in various cities of the country have increased.

In Delhi, 10 grams of 22-carat gold is worth Rs 45,600. While 24-carat gold of 10 grams will cost Rs 45,290. In the financial capital of the country, Mumbai, price for 22 carat gold stands at Rs 44,290 and for 24 carat the prices are Rs 45,290. In Chennai, you will need to pay Rs. 44,500 for 22-carat gold and Rs. 48,490 for 24-carat gold in the market.

Overall the gold prices are in a rising state as of now. The changing percentage for the month of April has been observed as +1.84% for 22-carat gold and +1.80% for 24-carat gold.

Here is a list of cities and gold prices for 22k and 24k gold in the market:

City22 gold k
24 k gold
Kolkata₹ 46,340₹ 49,130
Bangalore₹44,000₹ 48,000
Hyderabad₹44,000₹ 48,000
Kerala₹44,000₹ 48,000
Pune₹44,290₹ 45,290
Jaipur₹45,600₹ 49,740
Chandigarh₹45,600₹ 49,740
Mysore₹44,000₹ 48,000
The gold rates given above do not include GST, TCS and other levies

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