Gold prices Today: Check rates in Mumbai, Delhi and other cities

Gold prices Today; Check gold rates in Mumbai, Delhi and other cities
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Gold prices in India saw huge inflation over the past few days and recorded hike recently. Also in India, prices have been slightly raised by 3 per cent after the imposition of GST on the gold jewellery. On goods returns, the price of pure gold raised to Rs 45,290 per 10 gram on Friday. Meanwhile, price for 22 carat gold rose by Rs 10 to Rs 44,290 per 10 gram.

Gold prices today

Today, gold rates have surged in the maximum cities of India. Gold prices in the metropolitan cities Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata are trading high today. Gold price in the national capital rose by Rs. 110 for both the standards. Price per 10 gram for 22-carat gold lies at Rs. 45,600 and 24-carat gold remains Rs. Rs. 49,740.

In Mumbai, gold prices saw a simultaneous increase as the price for 22 carats raised to Rs 44,300 and 24 carat rose to Rs 45,300. Although, gold rates varied in most of the cities price of pure gold in Bhubhneshwar, Mangalore, Vishakhapatnam and Mysore remained ₹44,010. Price of standard gold in these cities as stated by goodreturns happens to be ₹48,010.

In Chennai, the gold rate is at 44,500 per ten gram of 22 carat with a hike of Rs. 350. Also, for per ten gram of 24 carat gold the price remains at t Rs. 48,500 with Rs. 330 surge.

Gold rate in Kolkata surged by Rs. 110 as for per ten gram standard gold price is at Rs. 46,350. Rate of per ten grams of 24 carat gold remains at Rs. 49,130 with Rs. 110 hike.

However, gold and silver prices globally have weakened which is resulting in weakening of domestic prices in India. Also, the gold rates stated above do not include, TCS, GST and other levies. Therefore the people interested in buying the precious metal can contact there local jewelers for the exact prices.

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