Gold trades higher: Check rates in your cities here

Also price for standard gold observed a spike by Rs 10 and stands at Rs. 44,810.
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Gold prices have been trading on track since Tuesday and have therefore been recognized as the best week in five months. Today the gold rates traded Rs 10 higher than the previous day for both pure and standard gold.

On goodreturns, the price for 24- carat gold rose to Rs 45,810 from 45,800 per ten gram. Also, the price for standard gold observed a spike by Rs 10 and stands at Rs. 44,810.

On MCX, gold futures for June traded at Rs 47,685.50 per ten gram in contrast to the previous close of Rs 47,595. Silver future rates for July marked an increase by 0.22 per cent which stands at 71,837 per kg.

Bhavik Patel, Senior Technical Research Analyst, Tradebulls Securities, told Financial Express Online, that, “Gold had breached its major key psychological level of $1800 which prompted short-covering thus taking the price to $1820. What was more impressive is that not only prices sustained above $1800 but closed above its major resistance area of $1815.”

Gold Prices in Delhi and other major cities

Gold prices in the major cities will be trading higher from Friday. In the national capital , per 10 gram of 22 carat gold stands at Rs. 45,920. For pure gold price rose to Rs. 49,960 in Delhi.

In Mumbai, price for standard gold stands at Rs. 44,810 and Rs.45,810 for per ten gram of 24 carat gold. Rates in other metropolitan cities such as Kolkata also observed surge in yellow metal price. Cost for 22 carat gold stands at Rs. 48,860 per ten gram and Rs.49,650 for 24 carat gold.

However, as the trading website suggests that the prices stated do not include TCS, GST or other levies, customers should contact their local jewellers for the exact market price.

Here are the major cities with prices for 22 k and 24 k Gold:

City22 gold k
24 k gold
Lucknow₹45,920₹ 49,990
Bangalore₹ 44,600₹ 48,660
Hyderabad₹ 44,600₹ 48,660
Kerala₹ 44,600₹ 48,660
Pune₹ 44,900₹ 45,900
Jaipur₹ 45,900₹ 49,990
Nagpur₹ 44,900₹ 45,900
Chandigarh₹ 45,900₹ 49,990
Mangalore₹ 44,600₹ 48,660
Bhubaneshwar₹ 44,600₹ 48,660
Mysore₹ 44,600₹ 48,660
The gold rates given above do not include GST, TCS and other levies

Silver prices for today stand at Rs. 716 per ten gram or Rs. 7,150 per kilogram. Silver prices fell by Rs. 10 as yesterday the rate stood at 7,160 per kilogram. Chennai and Hyderabad observe highest price of Silver with Rs.7,610 . Whereas prices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Banglore remain 7,150 per 100 gram.

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