India INC to ramp oxygen supply for healthcare infrastructure

India INC to ramp oxygen supply
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The year 2020 has turned out to be a lesson for the industries to create safer spaces if they desire keeping up with the manufacturing work. With the degrading situation of health in the country, India Inc has taken the charge of providing oxygen supply as well as keeping the manufacturing work on pace unlike the last year. The tech and bubble teams are being created as a tool to fight COVID-19.

Oxygen Supply Shortage

In the wake of the second wave of virus contamination, the supply of oxygen, hospital beds, and medications have been a sign of worry. As per a report in The Indian Express, the CII official stated about availability of more than 100 companies involved in producing or usage of oxygen for their respective plants that need to shift the supply for the healthcare needs.

The Indian Express quotes the official’s statement as, “Steel plants need oxygen for steelmaking and several steel manufacturers have come forward and are now reducing their oxygen requirement and are diverting the same for the healthcare requirements within their state. The oxygen-producing companies are ramping up their production”.

Spike in coronavirus cases

The spike in the coronavirus cases in the country comes as a huge pressure on the healthcare infrastructure. To limit supply of the necessities amidst the prevailing situation, the Centre restricts supply of oxygen to only nine industries, as per TOI report.

CO-chairman of Forbes Marshall, Naushad Forbes, on Saturday came up with assurance of helping the healthcare infrastructure by all means. He stated, “Steel plants and large Petrochemical plants that have large oxygen generating facilities will now provide medical use oxygen. While not all facilities can generate them, the modern ones can do so and they have already started doing that. I think that over the next few days it should be able to cater to the requirement”.

The Concerns

The CII Official also raised concern and stated that imposition of lockdown cannot be considered as it dismantles the economy and pulls down livelihood. Talking about the accommodation of the migrant laborers and the other employees of the industry he said, “The broader sense among manufacturers is that the workers are safer on the shop floor than outside. Companies want to keep their factories running and are asking employees or service staff to work from home”.

However, even as the companies have adjusted to the new methods of work and adapting safety measures, they demand the government to increase the vaccination drive and allow it for the workers below the age of 45 as most of them lie in the age bracket of 25-45.

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