India’s exports increase to $30.2 in April

India’s exports increase to $30.2 in April

India’s exports increased by $20.04 billion to $30.21 billion in April this year, the preliminary data released by the commerce ministry said on May 2, 2021.

In the same month last year, India’s total exports were $10.17. Besides exports, the imports of the country also increased to $45.45 billion last month. In the same last year, it was $17.09 billion.

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“India is thus a net importer in April with a trade deficit of $15.24 billion, which increased by 120.34 percent over the trade deficit of $6.92 billion in April 2020,” the ministry said in a statement.

After COVID-19 induced lockdown and restrictions, the exports of the country shrank by 60.28 percent in April 2020. In March this year, it grew by 60.29 percent to $34.45 billion.

The oil imports stood at $10.8 billion in April 2021. The export commodities which have achieved positive growth include jewelry, jute, carpet, handicrafts, leather, electronic, good, oil meals, cashew, petroleum products, chemicals, marine products, and gems.

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