5 Costliest Divorce settlements you need to know | Pre Bill and Melinda Gates Split

5 Costliest Divorce settlement you need to check out; Bill and Melinda Gates

After the biggest announcement of separation between Bill and Melinda Gates, the internet bombarded with differing views from people all across the globe. However, the couple also clarified that the divorce wouldn’t stop both from working on issue related to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Also, the separation came as a huge blow to Gates wealth as per the estimates. The asset worth 130 billion dollars makes the couple one among the top billionaire’s divorce settlements.

The news of the four wealthiest men in the world getting divorced made us look back to the other costliest divorces that have happened in the past.

Top 5 Costliest divorces of billionaires you ought to know:

Jeff Bezon and Mackenzie Scott

After 25 years of marriage, in July 2019, Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie Scott decided to split up. Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the planet. And the divorce made Mackenzie the third richest woman in the world. Bezos had to part his way with a settlement of 36 billion dollars to Scott.

The separation of these two is remembered to be the costliest divorce settlements of all times. Recently, in March, 2021, Scott tied up knot with a Seattle teacher.

Jocelyn and Alec Wildenstein divorce

The New York socialite, Jocelyn Wildenstein wealth went down to ashes after she separated ways with Alec Wildenstein. As per a New York post, Jocelyn listed her Citibank account as $0 in the filling.

Her split from the late billionaire art dealer in 1999 made her win around 2.5 billion dollars in the divorce settlement. Unfortunately, in 2018 due to her bankruptcy and loss of her fortune, she lost all her money. Moreover, the “Catwoman” has even stated that her only income is from Social security and also she has to turn up to family and friends for her expenses.

Elon and Justine Musk divorce

Who knew that this power couple would part their ways, after having six children from their marriage that lasted for eight years! Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO broke ties with Justine and has talked about the joint custody of their children.

As asserted by Musk, the split cost him $ 170,000 average monthly bills. Moreover Elon Musk also gave her their, Bel Air Home to Justine in the divorce settlement.
In 2010, Elon married actress Talulah Riley and split two times. The first settlement let her take away, $4.2 million. In a year both reconciled and married again.

This lasted for no long and in 2015, Musk filed divorce and agreed to a $16 million settlement.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Tiger Woods, the legend of golf married Swedish Model, Ellin Nordegren in the year 2004. However, their marriage ended in 2009 after Tiger Woods was allegedly found cheating with some other woman on her wife. Elin, reportedly divorced Woods the next year claiming a settlement of $110 million.

Bernie and Slavica Ecclestone

After 24 years of married life, Berni and Savica Ecclestone, former Formula 1 boss and Armani model broke ties. As per reports by the Sun, Bernie had to pay around 1.2 billion dollars to his ex-wife.

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