Sundar Pichai tweets after Jeff Bezos announced to step down as Amazon CEO

Sundar Pichai tweets as Jeff Bezos announces to step down
Sundar Pichai/Twitter

Soon after Amazon’s Jeff Bezos announced to step down as it’s CEO, the world, as usual, was quick enough to react.

The general public, entrepreneurs, leaders, enthusiasts to Sundar Pichai. The Indian-American top executive sent his best wishes to both- Bezos and Andy Jassy.

Moreover, Jeff Bezos announced the new in a letter. The letter read, I would ‘stay engaged in important Amazon initiatives’ but would pivot towards philanthropic initiatives, including his Day One Fund and Bezos Earth Fund, and other business ventures in space exploration and journalism.

Top executives and other prominent figures at other major companies around the world are sending their best wishes to Jeff Bezos and Jassy via Twitter.

Amazon was conceptualised by Jeff Bezos in a garage in 1990s and it went on to become a retail giant. Now it hosts a variety of services to customers worldwide.

Also, Amazon India has recently launched a mobile-only plan for Prime Video, known as Prime Video Mobile Edition.

Amazon is collaborating with Airtel to start its Prime Video Mobile Edition. All the Airtel customers will be eligible for a 30-day free trial. This plan will offer a standard definition quality on a single device.

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