Dawki: Meghalaya’s hidden wonder town boasts Asia’s cleanest river and living roots bridge

Dawki: Meghalaya’s hidden wonder town boasts Asia's cleanest river and living roots bridge
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Dawki is a quaint town in the heart of Meghalaya, at India’s border with Bangladesh. The lush green hills and pastures, clear waters and fresh, crisp air make it the perfect destination for a quiet time away from cities.


One of the most picturesque towns of the state, Dawki has bountiful minerals making it an international trading point with Bangladesh. It has coal mine as well as limestone stocks, adding to the resources of the town.

Dawki: Meghalaya’s hidden wonder town boasts Asia's cleanest river and living roots bridge
Image: Unsplash

Umngot River in Dawki is magnificent with its crystal clear water and can also be used for fishing. The clear waters allows one to see even the bedrock of the river. The river also abodes many water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling etc.

Another famous location of Dawki is the Living Root Bridge in Mawlynnong. The bridge is suspended only via natural roots with no artificial materials used. It is an famous spot for trekkers though one needs to be extra cautious to reach the steep path.

Dawki: Meghalaya's hidden wonder town is the perfect detox destination
Image: Nomadic Weekends

Among others, the limestone cave in Mawsami is a marvelous sight. It is narrow space in a continuous growth process where one can explore different stones carved completely naturally.

One might also visit the Elephant falls, which is a three-tier waterfall. It is a magnificent sighting, though not recommended to senior citizens or people with breathing problems.

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How to reach Dawki

Dawki can be reached by road, rail and air. It is situated on the south-eastern border of Meghalaya, around 82 km south of Shillong.

It is a hidden gems in the lush green hills of Meghalaya, away from the pollution and hubbub of the city life. Untouched by urbanization, Dawki has everything it takes for a natural, refreshing vacation.

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