5 startups providing jobs in rural India

5 startups providing jobs in rural India
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With the governments initiative of Digital Bharat, including in regular daily life, India has the third biggest space for startups eco systems in the world, these start-up are enabling technology in the lives of individuals.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made our lives very difficult to live. Most of the people are unemployed specially people residing in rural areas. Creating a support system unlocking the largest industry, rural India these start-ups are providing livelihood opportunities in Tier-2 market.

List of Startups providing employment in rural India:


Meesho meaning ‘Meri Shop’ is a Bengaluru-based startup which focuses on women-led businesses in the field of fashion and homeware. The app helps resellers to start with zero or no investment.

All you have to do is share a product, listed on the Meesho app around your networks on social media platforms. By this you can earn a good amount of commission, just by sitting at home.


Udaan is a network-centric B2B trade platform, which is specifically designed for small or medium businesses in India. Udaan brings B2B traders, the power of technology to scale and improve their business. The app is empowering the small businesses of Bharat by providing the power of technology.

Frontier Markets

It is basically women-led social commerce platform that allows rural customers to buy instant solutions form multi-product/services fast from women salesforce. They have around 10,000 new rual women workers in 2000 villages across the country.


Hesa is a Rural Tech start-up which is connecting Bharat with India phygitally. It is providing access, enablement and employment chances at high scale, leading to empowerment. Rural customers can buy or sell a range of products, avail banking and other financial facilities and also pay utility bills from the comfort of their village.


Through this app, users can get fruits, vegetables grocery items, beauty and wellness products, and all other household essentials at daily discounted prices. It is focused on what it calls ‘WhatsApp-first India’ consisting of lower- and middle-income groups in Tier II and III towns.

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