7 of the weirdest jobs in the world

7 of the weirdest jobs in the world
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People often complain about their boring 9 to 5 jobs. However, there are some jobs out there that does not give you the opportunity to complain. On the other hand, some of the wacky jobs people have might make you cringe.

Take a look at 7 of the weirdest jobs around the world:

Professional sleeper

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Professional sleepers are paid to test out matresses, pillows, etc. These people can also earn a living staying in hotels and reviewing the comfort of their beds.

Netflix viewer

netflix viewer
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Netflix and other OTT giants often hire people to watch and review their content before making it public. These people are supposed to watch movies or series assigned to them and catalog them under genres and categories for the ease of viewers at home.

Snake Milker

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Snake milkers are poeple who collect the venom of poisonous snakes for its use in venom anecdotes and medicial drugs.

Dog Food Taster

Dog Food Tasters are poeple who are paid to taste and review dog food which included bones, tinned meat and biscuits. They are supposed to rate the fod as opposed to those of rival brands in terms of taste and texture.

Odor Judge

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Odor Judges are usually employed by cosmetic or pharmaceutical companies to smell people’s armpits, feet and breath to ensure that their fragrance products works well.

Drying Paint Watcher

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These people test out new mixtures and formulation of paint to check their drying time and analyse the changes in the color in texture over the period of time.

Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man

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Especially for an underwater hotel in Florida, a scuba diving pizza delivery man was hired to supplies them pizza in a watertight case whenever needed.

Which of these weird jobs would you like to take up?

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