AICTE: 7 million students across 10000 colleges to use ‘Happiness App’

AICTE: 7 million students across 10000 colleges to use 'Happiness App'
Image: Pexels

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) signed an MoU with Heartfulness Education Trust (HET) to empower the students and staff with HET courses at all AICTE recognized institutions. The premier technical council also signed an MOU with Royster Resources for adopting and recommending a happiness APP titled: ‘YOL-YourOneLife’ to be used by over 7 million students across 10000 colleges.

The MoU with HET allows students to elect credit-based courses and/or modules at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at AICTE approved educational institutions. It enables students internship opportunities at AICTE-approved institutions. They will also be eligible for research fellowships in areas including sustainable technologies, environmental sustainability, contemplative pedagogy and consciousness.

Whereas, the collaboration with Roysters wi help measure happiness index of students and the composite happiness of the institution based on average computed for all students. The app also measures Mind-share and Mind-map in a gamified manner where usage of the app will entitle the student to earn NFTs. The app will be mounted on a block chain.

AICTE: 7 million students across 10000 colleges to use 'Happiness App'

The interface is fascinating as it makes a very engaging model that even offers NFTs to students and institutions alike for usage of the app. The app has been acknowledged by UN too and the UN Ambassador to SDGs for Europe, Prof Phoebe Koundouri.

The MoU with HET also entails establishing Heartfulness centres at the educational institutions to offer wellness tools such as Heartfulness meditation sessions, sharing literature and awareness sessions, and training programmes for faculty members, counsellors, senior leaders, and staff from these educational institutions.

Currently Heartful Campus programmes are being offered in several colleges and universities all over the country by HET.

HET will also conduct orientation sessions when required for the educational institutions to help get an overview of the HET courses and programmes. The mentors or trainers to conduct the HET courses will be provided by HET.

HET may also offer its infrastructure facilities at different Indian locations wherever the AICTE approved educational institutions are situated. The facilities will include tissue culture lab, initiatives in the area of environment sustainability and research facilities at Kanha Shantivanam, and retreat centres across India.

With the MoU coming into force, Guide of Heartfulness – Shri Kamlesh Patel (Daaji) said, “Our education requires much more beyond the existing curricula. i.e., besides the theoretical and practical application, our students need to learn about their very inner beings.

The Heartfulness Practice is the easiest way to access the states of higher consciousness. A calm mental frame of mind and stillness of inner condition can help people achieve much more in life. The Heartfulness Education Trust will assist all the places of study under the aegis of AICTE in every possible way to provide the tools for the success both within and without.

Dr Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, AICTE added, “There is a new perspective to education now. Education must be aimed bettering oneself at all levels. It must not only be gaining knowledge about the world around us, and how to act in various circumstances, but also to understand the true nature within ourselves and respond appropriately. Heartfulness Education Trust is giving education a new paradigm shift and we truly welcome the academic evolution.

Pleased to be working closely with them and looking forward to creating this new paradigm in education jointly.”

Speaking about the partnerhship with Royster Resources, he said, “This is an objective app that not only provides an objective assessment of happiness in a student, but also helps the both; the student and the institution create, calibrate and celebrate happiness.”