CBSE comes up with fresh instructions for filling OMR sheets

CBSE comes up with fresh instructions for OMR sheets

The CBSE has instructed the school heads to ensure that students write the responses in the OMR sheets in block letters.

This decision comes as a preventive step, to avoid confusion between small letters, the Board said in a communique released.

“It has been observed that during evaluation, sometimes evaluators are not able to clearly differentiate between small letters. This is taking more time in the evaluation of OMR,” said the CBSE.

Besides, the Centre superintendents have also been asked to ensure that this decision is followed in all exam papers and at all centres throughout the country.

Assistant superintendents, invigilators and observers, on the other hand, have been asked to check if the students are marking the answers in the correct format or not.

The OMR sheets have a box that is provided to students for writing the correct letter from the four options.

“It is…directed that the examinations to be conducted from 7th December 2021 to till the end, in the OMR options will be marked by the candidates in capital A, B, C and D as per the correct response,” mentions the CBSE circular.

Moreover, the board said that since this decision comes in the midst of the examinations, it will be the centre superintendents who will take some actions to follow this.

They will intimate all the assistant superintendents to announce the instructions and invigilators will check the same.

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