How to build career as an umpire?

How to build career as an umpire?

Recently a video of a Bangladeshi cricketer went viral on the internet. The video, which shows all-rounder cricketer Shakib Al Hasan arguing with an umpire, has started a fresh debate on the importance of an umpire in a cricket match.

An umpire is responsible to deliver quick and accurate decisions all across the matches. To improve his decision-making abilities, he goes through difficult selection and training processes before his appointment.

Here, we have given details of the selection process that a candidate needs to go through to become an umpire.


The selection process includes two exams. One is organized by state cricket authorities, while the other is held by BCCI. One should have at least a Bachelor’s degree from any recognized university to appear in the exams.

A clear understanding of games and their rules would increase the chances of selection. Only those who pass the state-level exam can appear in the exam organized by the BCCI.

Ranji and other domestic matches

After selection, a candidate gets the responsibility to give decisions in Ranji and other domestic matches. The performance in Ranji and domestic matches makes a chance for the next stage of examination. Only after clearing this next stage of examination candidates can officiate in IPL and other big tournaments.


According to the reports, the state panel umpires get a pay of Rs. 3500 per day. But when they deliver their services at a five-day test match, they get Rs 17,500. The umpires who give their services in the international matches get a salary of lakh of rupees. While an entry-level umpire gets around Rs 75,000 for a match, while an elite level umpire gets around Rs 2.50 lakh for a match.

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