IIT Bombay Students, Alumni Run Free Emergency Ambulances For The Needy

IIT Bombay establishes new centre for Digital Health
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Indian Institute of Technology Bombay started an ambulance service in order to provide free assistance to the poor, personnel in police and government employees.

The ambulance service Called HelpNow is been initiated by the IIT Bombay alumnus Venkatesh Amrutwar along with Aditya Makkar and Shikar Agrawal, final-year students of the institute.

With the launch of efforts by IITians, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ said: “HelpNow, an IIT Bombay initiative, is a private ambulance service that provides free rides to the poor, the police and government employees.”

He added, “Venkatesh Amrutwar, an IIT Bombay alumnus, with Aditya Makkar and Shikar Agrawal final year students started this initiative”.

HelpNow began with 12 ambulances on the streets of Mumbai in 2019. Inside a year, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country in 2020, its organization extended exponentially. At present, there are more than 350 ambulances in Mumbai alone.

“When we started, we had no idea that we would be dealing with the biggest pandemic the world has ever seen. The average arrival time of an ambulance is 50 minutes in India. It is not just the pandemic which has highlighted the issue, the problem existed before the pandemic started,” said Agrawal.

Staff and Ambulances

Depending upon the prerequisites of the patients, there are three unique classifications of ambulances with different facilities. These incorporate an essential emergency vehicle with oxygen supply, a cardiovascular rescue vehicle with a ventilator and paramedics to help the patients and ultimately a funeral wagon van for the transfer of dead bodies.

In- House Technology

The ambulances are run based on IIT-Bombay’s in-house technology and data science that helps in reaching the patients on time. The software has essentially helped in reducing the average arrival time of ambulance time to 15 minutes.

Hence, HelpNow call center’s receive hundreds of calls on daily basis. They have provided marginal rates or even free services to the poor and needy patients. The services are open to all the people who are looking for better healthcare in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bengaluru. It takes only 15 to 20 Minutes for the ambulance to reach to the people.

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