SC directs school managements to reduce online classes fee

SC directs school managements to reduce online classes fee
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The apex court has directed all private school managements across India to reduce online classes fee. This fee reduction will range from 15 to 30 per cent and avoid profiteering.

The bench comprising Justice A M Khanwilkar and Justice Dinesh Maheshwari made the statement clear on reducing the fee burden.

It suggests that after the classes went online following the pandemic, their overhead expenditures were reduced.

The SC cleared that this benefit of reduced expenditures must be passed on to the students and their guardians.

The apex court was hearing the pleas regarding the school managements that are still collecting full fees even during the lockdown.

The bench made several observations, one of which says that the private school management must fix fee for the online classes.

The court highlight that collecting full fees in these circumstances will be an unfair practice.

It further directed the private school managements to avoid running their educational institutions for profiteering.

A major shift is on the way in the field of academics. Schools have largely been functioning online. Moreover, schools have been saving on a lot of miscellaneous expenses since the lockdown.

Therefore, considering the pleas from parents, the apex court passed these significant observations.

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