Science: Top five career for students in 2021

Science: Top five career for students in 2021
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The students who choose to study science get a special place. They hold importance, not only among their family, friends, and neighbors but also among those with whom they work. Besides this, they have a plethora of opportunities for growth and prosperity. We have enlisted some of them.

Top 5 career options for science students:

Space Technology

Space Technology students study cosmology, stellar science, astrophysics, planetary science, and astronomy. Also, they study the objects that enter the earth’s space. Those who want to build a career in this field can pursue BTech in Space Technology. It is a four-year degree course, doing which can ensure government as well as private job.

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Data Science and Analytics

Data science offers an insightful understanding of the structured and unstructured data. It enables one to figure out important and correct conclusions by processing a particular set of data. It helps to take important decisions for improvement. Those who want to try their luck in this field can pursue a course.

The duration of the data science course is three years. On the other hand, business analytics empowers to understand highly-structured data. Notably, these highly structured data play a major role in business decisions. It is an ever-growing industry. So, there is no job scarcity in this sector.


Robotics integrates computer science and engineering. It enables one to design, develop, operate, and use Robots. The objective of Robotics is to reduce human labor at work. The study about Robotics is growing slowly. Those interested can take Robotics engineering, which is a four-year degree course.


Astrophysics empowers one to explain the birth, life, and death of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae, and other objects in the universe. It is a branch of space science that uses chemistry and physics laws to achieve its objective. Those armed with knowledge about the celestial bodies are treated as valuable assets in organizations.

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Forensic Pathologist

Forensic Pathologists determine the cause of the death, injury, and wound. They get employment in both government and private sector.