Tips to crack IAS 2020

IAS Exam is one of the toughest government examinations in India. But if you are serious enough, ready to embrace the right strategy, guidance, and study material,l then self-study is enough to get through the exam. Here are some IAS preparation tips.

Mock Test
A mock test is an important part of the regular study if you really want to crack the exam. A review of the attempted tests will help you spot your mistakes. It will also help you to know the area where you lack knowledge. Writing answers repeatedly in the mock tests will not only help you to revise your syllabus but also helps to improve your speed to solve the questions in the exam.

Study Material 

It is important to be careful about the study material. Choose and buy recommended and right study material for the preparation. NCERT books are highly recommended as they clear doubts at a fundamental level. They are also helpful in the IAS Mains exams. So, be careful with your study material and choose the right book.

Deep Study 

Till 2014, securing high in GS 1st Paper was one of the most preferred ways to clear the UPSC mains exam. Making less effort compared to GS 2nd paper, candidates used to secure maximum and clear their preliminary exams. But from 2016 onwards, it doesn’t work anymore. On the basic level, studying all subjects is the best approach to crack the preliminary exam. Don’t give priority to a particular book and chapter. Don’t miss easy questions from subjects like polity, history, Geography, and Economics. Also, prepare current affairs. Without it, you will not be able to crack the exam.

IAS Prelims 

There are many areas where you find similarity between questions asked in IAS Mains and Prelims examinations. To prepare the GS 1ST paper, the strategy suggests studying GS mains and Prelims thoroughly. It will give you clarity about all major topics.

Mental Peace

All your efforts and hard work will go useless if you lose cool on the day of the exam. Read the questions carefully. Make sure you don’t make mistakes. It is possible only when there is peace in your mind. Otherwise, you may get confused and choose the wrong answers. So, stay calm and confident.

Time Management

Time management is something that can help you to cover everything in the syllabus. So, prepare a time table and give enough hours to every subject of the syllabus. You don’t need to go through a bulk of books and notes. Recommended and highly rich books and insightful study will help to face your examination with confidence and knowledge.