Vax is word of the year as chosen by Oxford for its wider use during Covid-19

Vax is word of the year as chosen by Oxford for its wider use during Covid-19
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Since the year 2020 has been a turning point for the entire world, there have been quite new additions to our vocabulary and knowledge base. This time it is Vax!

History annals are full of disasters, epidemics, pandemics that have plagued humans. One can always go into flashback and see how our ancestors fought with their wisdom; as in those times, there were no smart technologies available then.

Now that we have come to the end of 2021, Oxford Languages has chosen vax as its word of the year. Reason– wide usage of this term.

All hail the social media users who have been in the habit of using abbreviated words like this one- vax.

Also, it is quite difficult for all of us, to sum up, 2020 in just one word. This is why the company that produces the Oxford English Dictionary stresses that the shorthand for the vaccine had injected itself into the bloodstream of the English language this year in 2020-21 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vax is Word of the Year

Not only this, the word, and others related to vaccination, have also been broadened into a wider range of contexts like fully vaxxed and vax cards.

Along with the coronavirus, the word Jab, which started off in US English, also travelled to Britain. Did you know that it is now more commonly used or spoken in British English as well?

Vax, word of the year has also been used to describe those against the jab, such as anti-vax or anti-vaxxers.

A relevant report also adds that for lexicographers, it is rare to see a single topic impact language so dramatically. And in such a short period of time., vax has made its place.

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