A Tree named after Leonardo Dicaprio: Here’s Why

DiCaprio Tree

DiCaprio Tree: Leonardo DiCaprio is not only popular for his acting career but he is making ripples for his climate activism.

A tree that is new to scientists has now been named after the actor– Leonardo DiCaprio.

As per the scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, they wanted to honour the actor for his help in saving a rainforest from logging.

The tree has been given the official name, Uvariopsis DiCaprio, grows only in the Cameroon forest which is known for its rich biodiversity.

This is a way to credit his significant contribution in helping to stop the logging of the Ebo Forest.

The world conservationists took up the issue when they got to know of the plans to allow vast swathes of the Ebo Forest to be opened up for logging.

Due to climate change and anthropogenic activities, several plants and animal species are at risk of extinction. When some international experts wrote a letter to the government raising the issue, Leonardo DiCaprio added momentum to the campaign.

Besides, the government revoked plans to allow logging.

The ‘Dicaprio Tree’ is the first plant that is new to science to be officially named by Kew scientists.

It is a small tropical evergreen tree that has glossy yellow flowers. A member of the ylang ylang family, the DiCaprio tree is critically endangered.

Climate change is gradually taking over the planet earth for the worse. The world is witnessing an unprecedented glacier ice melting, extinction of many plant species. Additionally, forests and wetlands are under serious threat due to deforestation, land clearance and droughts, floods and fires.

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