Actress Hemangi Kavi lambasts trollers who bashed her for not wearing a bra

Actress Hemangi Kavi lambasts trollers who bashed her for not wearing a bra
Image: Hemangi Kavi/Instagram screenshot

Social media is a place where not only ordinary users but also Celebs keep sharing their videos and status updates. We all keep posting about life and the daily chores on social media, from time to time. Similarly, a popular Marathi actress Hemangi Kavi had posted a video on Instagram on how to make a round chapati.

But netizens, for all the wrong reasons, began trolling the actress. The reason is quite unusual and has to do with one’s personal choice. Hemangi Kavi was literally trolled for apparently not wearing a bra while shooting the video.

The actress mustered up the courage and slammed the trollers for such repulsive comments.

Hemangi, in her response, drew the attention towards sexism, entrenched among women more than men surprisingly.

How several netizens including women took to embarrass her for something which is actually one’s personal choice rather than a thing of public discussion.

Apart from the fact that this time it is an actress herself, Hemangi’s trolling is completely bizarre; this trend manifests a problem that is deeply rooted.

When it comes to women, their choice is not considered personal. They are always perceived in terms of what is more ‘appropriate’ and ‘acceptable’ to society rather than their own feel and understanding.

Orthodox, conservative mindsets are common among illiterate brains but what about the ones who despite being educated perceive women as a second or third class gender?

On a lighter note, wearing what you like should be the last thing on this earth for public discussion. Trolling people this way shows the troller’s mindsets only.

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